Emergency Vehicle Training Pad

Project Type: Civil

Scope of Work: Paving Construction

The project was a design-bid-build project in Fort Leonard Wood, MO for the Program of Instruction (POI) for Military Police (MP), Department of Army (DA) Police Academy, and US Marine Corps (USMC) MP all of which required an emergency vehicle operator training course to train drivers in emergency vehicle driving standards. This is a closed training course for training specialized skills required for high speed evasive driving, accident avoidance and responding to emergencies night and day, in all weather conditions. This type of training is high risk and requires a closed driving course with sufficient runoff room to protect vehicles and drivers. The driving course is a 270,000sq ft, flat pad with perimeter lighting. Obstacles (i.e. cones, etc) are moveable and not part of the training pad. Fire hydrants are located along the perimeter of the course to allow the course and drivers to be sprayed or wetted to simulate wet-weather driving conditions.